Behind every brand is a story.  Here’s ours.

Our name is based on the centuries-old Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi (侘寂), a concept best described as a way of life that celebrates and embraces the perfectly imperfect. The term “wabi” represents beauty in imperfection, while “sabi” symbolizes the impermanence of beauty. Together, they form the backbone of a worldview that appreciates simplicity and the transience of things. We believe in the power of wabi-sabi, which is why it’s at the heart of everything  we do.

But how does this worldview translate into chocolate? If one piece of chocolate can bring about  mindfulness and a sense of spiritual longing within us, then that piece of chocolate is wabi-sabi.

Eating a piece of Wabi Sabi cannabis-infused chocolate is a meaningful experience; it is rich in taste, authentic (cannabis-dosed correctly), and as you look at the artisan mastery, the beauty of each piece comes alive. You do not need thousands of dollars or a lot of expertise to incorporate the wabi-sabi concept into your life — and our products help open the door. Take a breath,  open your mind and appreciate the journey as you find beauty in the old and the familiar.

Simplicity as a way of living and as a state of mind has profound implications for personal wellbeing. By embodying wabi-sabi principles into your life, you can help enhance your emotional wellbeing and live mindfully.