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Wabi Sabi Brands Co-Packing

Your product, your label, your way.

We help approved Health Canada Licensed Producers & Processors to fulfill their cannabis edible strategies with a world class chocolate edible facility based in Calgary Alberta. We take food safety and cannabis dosing very seriously to ensure your products are manufactured correctly. We offer filling and sealing services, case packing and palletizing, food safety, tracking and traceability services leveraging our ERP systems. Our commitment is to provide safe delivery of your food to your customers with our predictable and reliable service.

We’re your partner, not your competitor – When you partner with Wabi Sabi Brands , you get better management of costs, more flexibility, and more efficient use of your precious capital resources.

Our Health Canada license is in process, but we are looking to ramp up the co-packing services in the fall of 2020.