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About Us

Wabi Sabi is an Alberta-based company focused on the creation of high-quality chocolate cannabis edibles and topicals products. We are committed to providing the ultimate in luxury enjoyment and relaxation potential for discerning consumers. We use only premium ingredients, including luxurious Belgian chocolate and tasteless/odorless cannabis oil sourced from local Alberta Licensed Producers (“LPs”).

With a unique made-in-Alberta advantage, Wabi Sabi plans to leverage our local partners and be well positioned ahead of Canada’s anticipated approval of edibles later in 2019. Wabi Sabi received one of the first approved City of Calgary Development permits for a Standard Cannabis Processing site. Our facility will meet all Canadian regulatory compliance for food manufacturing safety, and strategies are being implemented to ensure we are certified to the highest global standards. Wabi Sabi is also the first cannabis edible company in Canada to have deposits with one of the country’s top six banks.

Our Inspiration

Our founder, Todd Pringle, is a five-time Ironman finisher, certified Ironman Coach and author of the book “Project Ironman”. Pain in his left knee caused by bursitis in 2014 rendered him unable to make it up stairs without crutches, let alone compete in Ironman events. This led to an investigation into cannabis and the use of CBD in Colorado. After getting a medical prescription and guided by some local hippies on Vancouver Island, Todd created his first CBD salve, which worked wonders and enabled him to return to Ironman racing.

With a newfound understanding of the potential cannabis offers, he completed numerous online courses on chocolate and spent many weeks in Colorado learning about successes and mistakes made by cannabis edible manufacturers. After numerous years of culinary practice, he perfected his skills combining chocolate with cannabis for his own use.

Todd’s passion for learning about all things cannabis is the perfect complement to his hands-on experience designing, commissioning and constructing the first open cannabis dispensary in Calgary. He has written many published articles on the benefits of CBD and is truly unique in his end-to-end cannabis expertise. All of Todd’s work, experience and knowledge has culminated in Wabi Sabi Brands Ltd.

Our Philosophy

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese Zen concept that encourages seeing the beauty of things that are modest and humble, yet unconventional. Cannabis legality is new and unconventional to many. Our products help bridge the gap between taboo and what is quickly becoming mainstream. Our logo incorporates the Zen circles of enlightenment, or “Enzo”, and is a reminder of our simplistic yet quality-focused drive that goes into making our products. As we are always learning, improving and refining our work, the ring is never closed.


Interested in learning more about Wabi Sabi Brands and the various cannabis-infused products we will offer in 2020? Send us a message below: